How many Brits go skiing each year ?

How many Brits go skiing each year ?

LHM Conseil conducts market research and consumer analysis for the tourism and leisure industry. In the autumn of 2016, with 8 years of specialized industry market research added to 15 years of in-resort experience, we felt the need to get an accurate picture of the UK ski holiday market.

That’s why we conducted two state-of-the-art surveys, backed up by third party data.

2 On-line surveys were conducted, one in October 2016 and the second one in October 2017.

Each sample of approx. 1000 respondents consists of adults between 18 and 70 y.o., and is representative of UK residents who went on a ski holiday at least once in the last 3 years before the time of interview. The chosen sample size is very common for this kind of research.

Respondents are drawn from a large consumer-research panel containing people of all walks of life, ages, opinion, occupation, income, region and they are representative of the British adult population. (No customer or direct-marketing database and no social media source or newsletter subscriber database was used.)

Market Fundamentals : size of the British ski holiday market

Answering the question ‘How many Brits go skiing each year ?’ and based on survey results, it appears that each winter 1.5 million UK residents go on at least one ski holiday (these results were confirmed by data from third parties such as visitor numbers in ski countries, skier flow data from airports, nationwide airport surveys in the US and nationwide ski resort surveys in Canada). 29% of them will travel 2 times or more during the same winter season. As a consequence, the 1.5 million holidaymakers produce a total of 2.2 million ski holidays over the course of a full ski season.

Since all skiers don’t have the opportunity to travel each and every year, it means the UK ski holiday market is bigger than 1.5 million Britons. The survey shows 3.5 million UK residents are ‘in the market’: some of them ski every year, others will ski every second or third year.

How many Brits go skiing each year ?

The survey mapped a high number of variables related to the UK ski market and ski holidaymakers’ profiles :

  • Chosen ski destinations,
  • Ski holiday budgets,
  • Income,
  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Family structure
  • Skiing level,
  • Booking channels, accommodation and travel arrangements,
  • A comparison between British and French skiers,
  • A comprehensive inventory of British-run catered accommodation in France,
  • Attitude and habits with regards to UK Tour Operators and catered accommodation,
  • Attitudes and first reactions towards Brexit and the current as well as expected impact on their ski holidays.

Feel free to enquire to receive more insights and data from the survey.

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